Multiphase pump

EDUR Pumpenfabrik

A multiphase pump from EDUR efficiently conveys liquid and gas mixtures and fortifies liquids with gas. The pump which is suitable as a dynamic mixer, works with high efficiency and technical superiority and produces very fine bubble dispersions. The EDUR multiphase pump is used in biofuel systems, for dissolved air flotation and neutralisation, in bioreactors, in drinking water preparation, in general process technology as well as on oil rigs and oil fields, for example.
The horizontal multiphase pump distinguishes itself through its high degree of dispersion with low flow speeds and low internal friction loss at the same time. It also demonstrates an optimised impeller flow and staged discharge head. The EDUR multiphase pump is also convincing due to its process safety (gas in a concentration of up to 30 per cent can be conveyed and stable generation of micro-bubbles) and their exceptional ease of installation and maintenance.

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