The EDUR immersed pump – a universal pump for reliable transportation.

EDUR Pumpenfabrik

The immersed pump from EDUR has established itself where dry mounted pumps are unsuitable. Where there are space restrictions, poor circulation conditions and critical pumping media, the space-saving immersed pump works excellently with its modular design for various impeller shapes and pressure ranges. A typical area of application for the immersed pump from EDUR are pre-treatment systems for surface engineering. When circulating hot, aggressive liquids, the high process safety of the immersed pumps (no shaft seals, no leakage outwards) proves suitable.
The EDUR immersed pump is convincing with its space-saving design, the modular system for individual customer solutions as well as being extremely easy to install.
EDUR-Pumpenfabrik Eduard Redlien GmbH & Co. KG also produces special versions for other conditions.
The service includes 24-hour delivery of standard spare parts, final checking of each pump including test report as well as a 10-year delivery warranty for spare parts.

You will find further information on the immersed pump from the EDUR pump factory here...

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